This 1986 PGO Sport 150 is a near identical licensed copy of a Vespa P Series, Manufactured in Taiwan.
PGO continues to be one of the largest scooter manufacturers in the world, and currently imports scooters to the united states under the name "buddy."

Most parts are interchangeable with Vespa P series parts, and these bikes are known to be VERY RELIABLE (We love these old PGO bikes, and had a hard time putting it up for sale)

This bike has a 150cc two stroke engine and a four speed manual transmission. It has a gas gauge, turn signals, 12 volt lights, and anti dive front suspension (not available on the Vespa equivalent model)
In its stock configuration, you should expect 50-55mph cruising speed, and near 100 miles per gallon.
OEM and aftermarket performance parts are plentiful for this model scooter.

We changed the tires, installed a brand new Dellorto Carburetor (the same model as original) to replace the leaky old unit. We gave it a top to bottom tune up and safety check, replacing any components that weren't working correctly with high quality Italian components. A New-Old-Stock Seat has been installed. This is a very rare part, and it is the correct seat for this model.

1986 PGO Sport 150LS