• 49cc Four-Stroke engine

• Fully Automatic Transmission

• Dual Racks (Front, Mid)

• Drum Brakes

• Digital Fuel Gauge

• 17" Wheels

• 1 Year Warranty including parts & labor


Based off the Honda Cub and Passport, this bike comes with a Lifan Motor and stays true to the design of the classic.


All Amstar Jupiters in our inventory receive an upgraded carburetor, fuel line, petcock, and a 72cc cylinder kit upgrade.

If you find these scooters for sale at any other dealer for less money, know that the stock cylinder, carburetor, and fuel line are not good enough quality to run reliably. They do not come with a petcock installed, and will eventually leak. We take care of this, so that we can warranty the scooter after we sell it to you.

Amstar Jupiter